YouTube Channel, App and Tips that language learners should know

Language is speech (spoken language), It is a systematic communication system that includes hand gestures (sign language) and writing.

The number of human languages ​​in the world is between 5000 and 7000, but in every language, speech, writing The 4 skills of reading and listening are definitely involved.

Therefore, if you are going to learn a language, you should try to master the 4 skills. Almost everyone has some degree of fear of learning a language. “Can I do this? I think it’s hard! Will I forget later?” Kind of fear.

In fact, language is something we need to be in daily contact with. As time goes by, you become familiar with your studies, Depending on the time you will become proficient. To make learning languages ​​easier and faster, we have collected and shared some of the YouTube channels and apps that you should know about.

The YouTube Channel and Apps that will make learning easy for (8) languages ​​are…









Instead of wasting free time, learning languages ​​can be made into valuable time.