When there is a blackout, how do you take care not to cause a fire accident?

Now, when the fires are often going out, they become unpredictable fire negligence principles. Everyone forgets, tend to be careless.

I’m going to tell you a few things that you should be aware of when there’s a blackout because they can lose their lives and property due to negligence.


A candle that should not be neglected

In our Asian countries, blackouts and candlelight are mainly used. Candles can provide light, but when you are not aware of them, they can lead to a disturbing situation.

I suddenly fell asleep after lighting a candle. A candle catches fire on an object nearby. Going out without lighting a candle is an invitation to a fire accident, so you should be very careful when lighting candles. It is better to use rechargeable lamps, solar bulbs, etc. instead of candles.

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Keeping the mosquito coil lit all night.

It can even be said that our country has the most mosquitoes. On the days when the fire is on, it is rare to be bitten by mosquitoes, but at night after the fire is dark, they come in small numbers.

That’s when we started using mosquito repellent. What we didn’t realize is that this mosquito repellent has side effects and can cause fire hazard.

When you sleep with the mosquito repellent lit, the mosquito repellent may accidentally ignite the bed sheet and mosquito net blanket, causing a fire hazard.

Therefore, instead of lighting mosquito nets, you should spray mosquito nets, use mosquito nets, and charge mosquito catcher.


Use of gas stove, charcoal stove

When there is a power outage, one of the worries for housewives is that they will not be able to cook rice in time. At that time, there may be cooking rice using a charcoal stove. After cooking like that, you should be careful to turn off the stove. In addition, people who use gas stoves should be especially careful. rice Forgetting to turn off the gas stove after cooking, or gas leaks, can become a huge fire hazard.

So when the power goes out, rice If you are going to cook, don’t forget to check the charcoal stove and gas stove.

Expense and emissions may see household use of gas flame out

Electric fire

After a blackout, check the installed outlets. When the fire suddenly comes back, the fire can surge and become a fire hazard.

When the summer comes and the fire breaks out frequently, we can protect the area from fire by taking special care of it.