Tips on how to improve yourself as a junior developer

Today’s article will show you tips on how to improve yourself as a junior developer.

Ask, but don’t ask too much
The first tip I would like to give is that once you work as a junior developer, or when you try something you want to know, errors will appear. Ask the senior developers whenever you get such an error. However, I have an error called x. Please clear it, so don’t ask. Actually, what I want to do is this… I already use this… My code example is this… I’m trying to figure out how to solve it… It doesn’t work, so I have to ask how to find it. It’s not like that, brother/sister, if you could clear up my error, I’ll clear it up once in a while, but if you ask me like that every now and then, seniors won’t want to answer.

Constantly improve yourself

If you don’t attend, study. When it comes to studying, after doing a lot today, don’t skip the day and study regularly.

Read the documentation carefully
Many junior developers are following tutorials without reading the documentation. If it’s like that, I’m sure I won’t attend (I don’t know about the rest, but I feel that way). If you really want to join, take the time to read the documentation to make sure you understand it.

Try writing your own project
If you want to improve your skills, try writing your own small projects. Small problems will appear when doing your own project… In other words, you will gain some experience. You will know what you should study.

Read about work
The last thing I want to say is reading. Even if you can’t read one book a month, read at least one book every two months. Many do not read. Even if I read about six books a year, in three years I will be quite ahead compared to people who don’t read.