Things that should cool a room like an air conditioner

The seasonal rise in temperature can easily make us tired. Therefore, it is difficult for those who work daily to complete work quickly. Sitting in a hot room is more tiring than working in a well-ventilated area. So let’s follow the best ways to fight the heat of a hot room.

Close windows and blinds.

Don’t be surprised to be asked to close the curtains and blinds to cool the room. In the summer, if you close the curtains in your small room, the temperature of the sun will not fall directly into the room.

Because some room walls absorb heat well, the temperature of the room may be higher because it absorbs the temperature of the sunlight that falls into the room during the day.

Therefore, if only the curtains and blinds are closed, the small room will not have high temperature, so it will be cool.

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Keep windows and interior doors open at night.

In order to prevent the room temperature from falling, the curtains and blinds should be closed during the day, but at night, not only the curtains, but also the windows and internal doors should be open.

Since the sun is no longer there at night, you can enjoy the cool natural air. If you close the blinds, you won’t be able to enjoy the cool air. So if you want to enjoy the natural air at night, unlike the air conditioner, don’t close the windows and doors.

Keep ice water or ice cubes in front of the fan.

Another helpful trick is to put cold water or ice in front of the fan and leave the fan on. The fan blows cold water or ice from the front to cool your room.

When doing this, it is best to close the doors and windows of the room. This will make you feel like air conditioning inside the room without outside air coming in.

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Drink more cool water.Set featured image

Our body needs water the most, so it is best to drink water regularly to improve health. When you are dehydrated or drink too much water, your body temperature tends to be higher than before. Drinking ice water or cold water will refresh your mind and reduce fatigue. Drinking cold water before going to bed can also help you sleep peacefully.

Take a bath before going to bed.

Before going to bed at night, you should take a bath mixed with lukewarm water. Taking a lukewarm bath can adapt to the body’s temperature and reduce the effects of heat on the body, as well as help you relax and sleep well.

Room wall paint color selection

In a house, the choice of room color is also important. Choosing light colors that will cool the eyes of the room will refresh the mind.

For example, natural colors such as green and blue cool the eyes. Constantly cleaning the room makes me happy.