How do you keep your clothes from fading?

Some new clothes are 3, After about 4 wears, it wears out. Not everyone gets to wear their favorite clothes as often as they like. But when something gets stained on the shirt, cooking oil/coffee is spilled, the color of the jeans fades, if things like that happen, if you don’t take care of them and don’t wash them, no matter how expensive they are, No matter how good the skin is, the clothes will look old fashioned.

So, let’s not buy new clothes every now and then so that the clothes we like don’t get old.


1. Choose and buy good quality clothes.


You don’t need to buy designer brands, but the clothes you buy need to be of high quality. If you buy shirts or pants, choose only good quality. No matter how beautiful it is, if the production is poor, it cannot be maintained in the long term. If you are going to buy, check the stitching carefully.

Don’t choose to buy clothes that are poorly stitched and will wear out after one wash, no matter how much you like them. If you order online, make sure to check the reviews of the shop you are going to buy from.

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2. Fold the clothes when you get back from outside

When you get home from work or going out, replace the outfit you wear with a nightgown or something casual. That’s why good clothes are torn. smell of sweat It will relieve from food stains and dirt. You will also get a feeling of comfort.

3. perfume Choose the right lotions and oils.

perfume Sunscreen Choose good quality body lotions. Buy only good quality natural products that are not from the brand. Buying and using a fake brand has negative and greasy effects, so it destroys the clothes when it comes into contact with the clothes.

The best is Body Lotion. Apply sunscreen before putting on clothes and then put on clothes only after it dries. If you wear perfume, remove it from the clothes a little.

4. Do not wash clothes for a long time

Put the clothes in the washing machine and press the button, don’t throw it away. You should wait a while. Dry the clothes after washing. Do not leave them tangled for a long time. Clothes can smell like rotten water or invite frog eggs.

Do not wash smelly socks with laundry detergent. Don’t wash your clothes too often. Dry the clothes that you have only worn for a short time and those that are not wet with sweat in the sun.

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5. Keep the washing machine clean.

Check the washing machine once a week. Clean the filter regularly to prevent odors. When washing, it is better to wash with hot water.

6. Do not put too many clothes in the washing machine

It’s true that a washing machine stretches a lot of clothes, but if there isn’t enough space for the clothes to move around when the machine is running, these washers won’t be clean. When they rub against each other, the clothes will be damaged.

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7. Don’t use too much stain remover

Do not use stain remover when washing white clothes. Use only white clothes when using the exfoliant. Detergent contains a small amount of acid, which causes more damage to clothes.