Don’t do these things if you sit at the bar with the boarders!!

Since it’s TGIF, are you planning to chill while sitting at the bar with your roommates? I think everyone has had the experience of meeting up with their friends to have fun with their friends during their free time, but being annoyed by some strangers sitting at the bar.

So today, I would like to tell you some things that you should avoid when sitting at a bar so that those who are sitting together will not be disturbed.

1. Don’t use the phone.
Sometimes, when I meet with my roommates, I use the phone alone, When you can’t participate in the conversation, bystanders may be uncomfortable. So leave your phone in your pocket when you sit at the bar.

2. Don’t do too much gym.
It’s true that when you sit at the bar and choose a drink, a person tends to be a favorite. But if it’s a joint settlement, instead of just choosing what you like, you should consult with each other and try to make everything convenient.

3. Don’t eat too many appetizers.

Many people come to sit at the bar to drink. So it’s natural to order a lot of drinks and a few appetizers. At this time, instead of having to drink like everyone else, it’s not convenient if you’re just eating appetizers.

4. Don’t talk on the phone.
While everyone is chilling with a cup of tea, I am either with my boyfriend or girlfriend. Whether it’s work or talking on the phone for a long time, your roommates can become jealous of you. So, when sitting at a bar, you shouldn’t talk on the phone for a long time, except for something very important.

5. Don’t forget to tell the house in advance.
If you can even drink alcohol, you should also own a house. So if you plan to sit at the bar, you should tell your house that you will be coming home late at night. If you have a spouse, let them know in advance, so you don’t have to worry about being cheated on the phone.

6. Don’t bring more people.
Although social is good, Social is not good. If you have already made an appointment with a group, it is good that the group only brings people who know everyone. Bringing a stranger who no one knows may be awkward for the people around you, and it may also be uncomfortable for the person being called.

7. Don’t go without drinking.
If you sit at the bar and drink nothing, you are the enemy. Even if you don’t feel like drinking, you should order a glass. If you are allergic to alcohol, it is best to openly tell the people you will be sitting with in advance.

8. Do not exceed the limit.

Many people who drink should know their limit. When everyone wants to have fun, it’s good to be sober if you’re taking care of yourself because you’re drunk.

9. Don’t pretend you don’t want to know when you pay.
All of them are just people who want to drink. No one will come with extra money for you except for yourself. If you don’t have a lot of money to drink, you should tell me before you sit down.