Businesses that should be profitable in 2023

Are you thinking of starting a business in 2021? When people’s living and eating patterns changed due to covid, businesses also changed. Let’s see how these jobs can be better than regular jobs.


If you are an expert in any field (business, social media, marketing, etc.), a consultant job is a job you should consider. As your reputation grows, more people will hire you.

Online Reseller

clothes, Online shopping that resells beauty products is also very popular. Although it is manual, the profit is not low.

Online Teaching

Because of the pandemic, there are not as many in-person lessons in education as before, and more and more online lessons. Because of this, you can learn the subject you are good at and earn money online.

App Developer

This job doesn’t appear now, but since this happened, these types of developer jobs that you can do as a freelancer are back in vogue. With the language you know, you can earn as a developer.

Freelance Copywriter

For those who have a little knowledge of marketing and love to write, they can stand as a copywriter. Since most businesses come on social media, this job is not rare.


Translator doesn’t have many jobs, but in 2021, it’s back in fashion. For those who know the language, it will be easy to find a job.

Digital Marketing

Social media has become popular. Also, since all businesses are coming to Social, the job of Digital Marketing is becoming a popular job.

Graphic Designer
Like above Copywriter, Digital Marketing jobs. As businesses come online, people like graphic designers are also making good money.


T-shirt printing
Like Graphic Design. Just staying at home and taking pictures on shirts.

You can produce it with your own design, and you can also accept orders from other people’s designs.